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Softens & removes chlorine from the whole house

“John recently installed a Premium Water HTO System in our Paris condo. Our water is now lovely and soft and taste great for cooking, bathing, plus washing the clothes with brighter colours.

Softens & removes chlorine from the whole house. John was very professional in the sale process explaining all purchase options and operation features thoroughly. Delivery and installation was prompt and efficient. We would happily recommend Premium Water.”

Bob & Susan
Paris, Ontario

A true professional

“We found John from Premium Water to be a true professional. He took the time to explain what had happened to our aging water softener. John attempted to fix the problem however with no luck, the unit was beyond repair. John was able to provide us with a cost effective solution that did not “break the bank”.

Premium Water truly knows the meaning of customer service.”

Bailey family
Brantford, Ontario

No more chlorine smell in the water

“My family and I would like to let you know that the new HTO system that you installed for us in February 2016 has been exceptional.

No more chlorine smell or organic in the water. The HTO system has required less salt than our Culligan system, also my husband even commented on how the water sparkles.

When we cook vegetables and potatoes, wow what a big difference it makes!

Bathing in the soaker tub, wow what a difference it makes. When he comes out of the shower, no chlorine smell in the water. Also my husband dry skin problem has disappeared.

The walls in the shower are both not needing as much attention as the water does not leave a residue.

Thank you again for your assistance with recommending this unit. And your prompt and professional attention to the installation.”

Barbara & Wally E.
Brantford, Ontario

Very satisfied with the results

“We recently moved to another house, and to our dismay the water softener system was not working properly. In our previous home, we had John Horvath, from Premium Water install a new HTO system, and we were very satisfied with the results. Therefore, without hesitation, we called John again. He stated that he would drop off a new system late Friday afternoon, and install it the following day. However, when he dropped off the system, and looked at the time, he said he could do the install right away. Consequently by 6:30 pm Friday evening the job was done, and we were enjoying great tasting water.

That is what we call service. We are very grateful to John for explaining everything to us. He gives excellent, very professional service. We highly recommend John and Premium Water to anyone looking for water treatment solutions.”

Henry & Evelyn
Brantford, Ontario

We are extremely satisfied with Premium Water

“We are writing this letter as testament to the personal and professional character of John.

Only after experiencing John’s commitment can one appreciate the level of dedication and client satisfaction that he strives to give. His services at his store and at our house eclipsed those of other workers we have had to work with. His attention to detail and his human touch in dealing with people is second to none! John always acts in our best interest in all areas which makes us feel very comfortable.

We have thoroughly appreciated the fact that he took the time to fix a problem we had, which was caused by us for lack of potassium in our tank. It is a pleasure dealing with John and we wish more people working with the public would be as dedicated to their job.

We are extremely satisfied with Premium Water; we will have a better system installed in February and we are looking forward to work with John on that.

We are proud to see someone performing his duties with such commitment and integrity at every level in our town of Brantford and we wish John the best of luck in all his accomplishments.”

Young family

A great solution on time & on budget

“John, thank you for doing exactly what you said you would do. I have had so much trouble with water in my Paris home and water treatment solutions offered by other providers were ridiculously expensive. You provided a great solution on time and on budget. I have wonderful HTO water now, drinkable straight from every tap in the house and you helped me get ride of the old equipment.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Can’t thank you enough.”

Eddie C.
Paris, Ontario

I highly recommend John and Premium Water

“I found John from Premium Water to be very knowledgeable in his products and he was not pushy when it came to selling us a water softener and reverse osmosis system. He spent a lot of time explaining the system and testing our water to make sure we had the right system for our needs. John was on site when the system was installed and after took extra time to explain how it works.

Before the water softener we were embarrassed to bring out our dishes and use them for family functions and lately bought paper plates and plastic glasses. Once the softener was installed I thought I would have to throw out my old dishes and buy new ones but after a couple of times in the dishwasher they were sparkling like new.

As for the taste in water it doesn’t compare to bottled water. I even take my own water to work because I don’t like the taste. My kids drink 10 times more water then in the past and would rather have water than pop. Great water for juices and soups.

I highly recommend John and Premium Water.”

Cathy A. & family
Burford, Ontario

Latest Testimonials

It's been almost a month now since we had our water softener replaced. After numerous issues with the previous company, we took a chance & went with Premium Water. John did everything he could to make this an easy transition, 2 trips to Woodstock to get it set up & installed. HTO System Chlorine Free Home
So far, we've noticed a difference in the water quality from the previous unit to this unit.
Thank you John for the excellent service and the follow up call.

Bouman, Woodstock, ON

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